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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Styling for the modern ekasi man

Giving props to a person who's stylish is the right thing to do , but have we thought perhaps that person has been styled by someone else?  I once bumbed into these guys( I can’t remember their names) and they appreciated how I constantly looked. To me that was very quite a beautiful moment. I mean I have received a lot of compliments from a lot of people and I usually say thank you, but with these guys it was different, they actually stopped me and they wanted to know why do I look so Dapper everyday. They asked me questions I couldn’t answer, questions like are you gay ? are you a designer ? do you work at a clothing store ? do you go overseas for shopping? And this list goes on. My answer was NO!! to all the above questions.  I was really shocked at the fact that being stylish comes with all these labels, but at the same time I saw this as an opportunity to educate my fellow brothers about being stylish without being labelled. So we sat down and had a deep chat as men.

The first thing that I told them was. There’s nothing wrong with being a metrosexual and there’s nothing wrong with being stylish, it doesn’t make you gay in any way. It makes you a man who knows how to dress well for his body. It makes you a man who is confident about himself.

As our converstaion got more interesting, one of the guys asked me if I pick all my outfit myself and my answer was "most of the time".  I told him I have a stylist. He then asked what is a stylist? I answered and said “it’s someone who picks your outfits”. He then told me that his girlfriend picks his clothes for him and I replied by saying “ your girlfriend is your stylist”.

So my point is. There’s nothing wrong with getting a stylist, It will just make things easier for you. It helps you worry less about what to wear. We all can’t be stylish but we all can make an effort  to look good. By consulting someone who is good with mixing clothes,colours and different looks.

Style is a visualistic thing, it comes with visualising your next outfit. At times you would see someone wearing a nice garment and you get an idea of how you could rock it differently. That happens to me a lot, to be honest some of my looks are just a remix of what I saw from other people. One thing that I always do, and please don’t forget this! Always add your own sense of style to your outfits. Ones key to maintain a good sense of style is to know what kind of look you are into and then master it. I am Dapper and nothings else. Stick to what  you know and you will be okay. 

My personal stylist happens to be an old friend and business partner,Sprucemaskson. That’s why I don’t mind having him as my stylist because he knows what I like and what I don’t like. When I am with him,he always wants to Spruce me up.  So don’t be afraid to let someone who really knows you advice you on what suits you and what doesn’t.  Its common courtesy to care about our friends and loved ones. Unfrotunately some of you may not be lucky as I am. So you need to consult a stylist for your upgrade.

Not only will a stylist help you be stylish, He/she will also help you get the fundamentals right. The good sense of style will eventually rub of on you. This is just to help you identify your style and most importantly what suits you.

Here are some of my outfits that were recommended by my stylist,Sprucemaskson. 

With this outfit he specifically wanted the detail to matter more than anything. Hence the bright green socks and pocket square.

The outfit is also styled similar to the first image. The polka dot tie and the polka dot socks. 

We were of to a fashion show when Spruce decided to hook me up with this outfit. His aim was to make me look Dapper in a more less formal way. I have to say that this outfit turned heads. 

Sometimes less is more. 

I hope you now have an idea of why it is so important to have a stylist. They see what you don't see, that's why it's so important to have a stylist. Think of it as your second pair of eyes. They help you to make dressing fun. 

Here is some of the styling that Sprucemasekoson has done for well know brands. 

Sprucemaskoson for Dolce & Gabbana 

Sprucemasekoson for  New Balance 

Sprucemasekson for Dr. Martin & Replay

Sprucemasekson for Woolworth

Sprucemasekson for Wrangler Jeans

Sometimes I feel like I have the best stylist in the world. This is his amazing work.

Probably you are asking yourself how can I get hold of this guy? Just because I am a nice guy I will give you his details. Don't be scared to bother him, he is such a beautiful soul. Trust me you won't regret it.

Sprucemasekson's details 

Facebook : Siyabonga Njabulo Maseko

Instagram : @Sprucemasekson

Call/whatsapp : 0728630772

Images By Dapper Photography 


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