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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Watches Part 1

Being properly detailed is one of the essentials to having great style. Keep in mind that detailing you clothes is a whole package,but before we get in to deep lets start with the basics. Which is owning a decent watch. A watch that will make a Billionaire listen to you( I am not saying get a Rolex or Patek Philippe). Well if you can afford it than why not.

They say ''a proper watch can take you places'' and I totally agree. A man who pays attention to detail, is a man with great style. One of the items that i feel should go to my Dapper collection is Daniel Wellington watches. Swiss made but inspired by  British Isles,this brand aims to be part of the preppy lifestyle. When you think of Preppy and you think of a watch that will match you outfit, you think of Daniel Wellington.

This is just a timeless piece of art. Elegant nautical spirit. When it comes to Spring/Summer watches I give DW 10 out of 10. The ultra-thin 6 mm watch is the epitome of Spring/Summer watches, the removable NATO straps makes it the Spring/Summer essential watch because of the combination of the colours found on the straps. Please don't get me wrong and think that I said that DW watches are for Spring/Summer only,NO. The straps also come in leather which can be perfect for Winter and Summer. As a Dapper Gamer I always try to buy an item that will allow me to wear it with whatever i want to wear it with, and with this watch i can do exactly that. To all you Dapper Gamers who are serious about owning  elegant time pieces, than this is the watch for you.
If you like what you see than you can get this master pieces at the following stores.

Johannesburg                               Durban                                   Cape Town

Stache                                        Westwood Mall                      165 Bree Street,8001
73 Juta Street                             16 Lincoln Terrace                
Braamfontein                             Westville


Monday, 3 August 2015

Autumn Style Guide

August is here gentlemen and i hope you are preparing for spring, but before you start thinking about spring. Remember that it's still Autumn and you need to keep warm because August is very windy and dusty. So don't be fooled by our blazing sun and think that its Spring yet. The last thing you would want is to go out not wearing warm clothing and looking like a bimbo on a windy day. Here are some inspirations for this Autumn by your caring Dapper Friend.

Always wear warm clothes and top it of with a hat or a cap to prevent  Autumns sun rays.

caps and hats are timeless, you just need to get them right on your outfits.

 first image Dapper Luzumane is dressed
 dungaree by Mila'te
 Jersey by Mark & Spencer
 Bag pack by Tom Tailor
 Hat by Hat city
 Shoes by Dexter
 Socks by Toe porn

Second image Dapper Luzumane is dressed
Shirt by Woolworth
Tie by Mila'te
Jersey by Mark & Spencer
Trouser by Tweed essentials
Cap by RaboBank
Socks by Toe porn
Shoes by Dexter
Puffer by Cape Union Mart