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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Suits in Soweto Part 1

Suits in Soweto Part 1 

Soweto has one of the biggest history in the world, even though the history is about fighting for freedom. Personally i feel that a lot of things weren't covered about this amazing township. Great things came out of Soweto. Never mind the wars and deaths, what about the style that people from Soweto have. Style has always been something that Sowetans love,its how we express ourselves. We come from the worst conditions but you wouldn't say because of how we carry ourselves.
                                          Soweto, Protea North 

Its part of our culture to be bespoke, as a kid I have always looked up to the stylish Mkhulu's(Grand dad's). These old men have been the core source of me being a Dapper Gamer. I loved how they looked,how they had ambition. Even when they tried to degrade them they soldiered on in being great leaders and fathers. One of the the most bespoke people who contributed in Soweto uprising is the late Nelson Mandela. he style was so simple and sharp. One thing about being stylish is you have to realize that you need to keep it simple, and my late president was the epitome of a Dapper Gamer. lets reflect on his great sense of style.

                                          Soweto, Orlando West (Phefeni) at his house.

Tata was so passionate about his vision of a free and democratic South Africa, you could see by the way he dressed and how he addressed people.

                                          Nelson Mandela and his Ex wife Winnie Mandela

  Clothes don't make a man,but it can definitely make a woman's day if worn properly. a true Dapper Gamer cares about the people around him and his surroundings. 

                                                   The Mandela resident 

For me Tata was a true Dapper Gamer not only because of his sense of style but for his determination in everything that he did. He wasn't the only one who fought for freedom but he was a true leader to the people he led,and he changed peoples lives for the better through his vision of a liberated country. He could have fought fire with fire but he didn't, in fact he preached about sharing with the enemy. Now that s what we call a Dapper Gamer, take notes Gentlemen.