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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


A word that is very common in townships but less people understand what it means. Skapadiya is a name given to a Kasi natty dresser. Derive from the term Gabadiya meaning well of individual.

Early in the morning as the sunrises on the dusty streets of Soweto. Many wake up with a hope to have a productive day and some make it a mission to have a productive day. To many Skapadiya's, waking up is one of the most exciting things about mornings.If you could ask me ? I would say  it gives me the ability to dress up like I going to meet my worst enemy.

To some people clothes are just clothes, but to some people clothes are pieces that are turned into masterpieces. I strongly believe in the Input vs Output Principle. What you give in, is what you get out. I have a lot of shoes and clothes. Some people just don't believe the amount of clothes and shoes I have. I simply take care of my clothes and shoes very well.  So in return they take good care of me too.

The name Skapadiya has evolved from generation to generation. Back in the 80's a Skapadiya was spotted by the type of clothes he would wear, The typical Skapadiya of the 80's had an Atienne Aigner Shirt, Brentwood trousers and a Crockett & Jones shoes.

80's Skapadiya

Today being a Skapadiya is a lot difficult then before, only a certain type of people can qualify to be called a Skapadiya. Only a few could keep up with the pressures of being a Skapadiya. Being a Skapadiya is not only about the labels and the clique. It's about the chic,boldness and most importantly the style.

I would personally say that being a Skapadiya in the 21st has to be about the ability to influence others with you dandiness. We live in a world where everything we need is on the tip of our fingers.

Today's Skapadiya has the power to influence the world through fashion and ideas. Most importantly he knows that you are addressed on how you are dressed and act. It is very important that one understands that your clothes and aura gets you the attention,but your brains keeps you the attention. In a nutshell a Skapadiya is not only a natty dresser but also a visionary and  revolutionist  of changing the narrative  through style and passion.

Photographer : Lutendo Malatji

Creative Director : Siphamandla Prince Dlamini

Friday, 15 April 2016


All my life I’ve been surrounded by fashion icons. One of the greatest fashion icons I know happens to be my grandmother. She once said to me “ you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes & his garden”( if he has one).

Those words were encrypted within me,even today when I go shopping for shoes. I make sure I pick the best shoes. I ‘ve seen a lot of young men who are well dressed but are wearing low quality shoes. To be honest I can’t even compliment guys who do that because they dissapoint me. I mean you pay attention to your clothes but don’t pay attention to your shoes. It doesn’t work like that ; what you do on the right you also do on the left, it’s called balancing. So you can’t be wearing a suit that costs R2000 and wear shoes that cost R300. That's a definite NO NO!!!!!!!!

At 18 you are most likely to be done with school and at 21 you are most likely to start your first job because you are most likely to be done with varsity. At 20 you should be already thinking like a 25 year old. I am quite sure you don’t want to go for your first interview wearing  Nike Jordan 5 low, if you are then you are not serious about life. There's nothing wrong with loving sneakers but at some point in your life you will realise that some scenarios  don't require sneakers. I have friends who love sneakers to the core but I always encourage them to also have shoes as part of their shoe collection. Growing up is about doing things we don't like. That's why it's called growing up get it? 

Remember that first impressions count and most importantly they last. Another important factor that you should always remember  as a young black man is, people are already expecting you to F@*k up, so don’t be that guy.  

So forget about investing in trends and start investing in timeless style!
Shoes that will still be in a good condition after 10 years, now that’s an investment.

Here are 5 shoes you should have under 25

1. The Loafer 

The loafer is basically a slip on shoe. They are different  kinds of loafers, there's tassel loafers, penny loafers and casual loafers. The one above is the tasselled loafer, best worn with formal clothing. With a shoe like this you have already got the attention you need in that interview, business meeting. Trust me when I say this is an investment. 

They also come in suede just in case you are invited to a Gala dinner to get an award for young entrepreneur of the year. 

The Penny Loafer

The penny loafer is also a formal shoe but you can definitely play around with it, maybe wear it with jeans or with a short. 

The Tasselled Penny

To be honest I wish I could say to you buy them all because once you know the comfort that these shoes possess, you will be known as the guy who wears loafers. It will be your new addiction and if they have been your addiction then make sure you keep feeding that addiction. 

The Casual Loafer 

This is something that you think you don't need, but you actually need it.

The casual loafer is a killer when paired with colourful shorts, a Ralph Lauren Polo golfer and throw back a jersey. The loafer was specifically made for Spring and Summer, not to say you can't wear them in Autumn(wear them well so it can be an acception to the people who know the rules of dressing up). But you can't wear them in Winter, they're strictly Spring/Summer shoes.  

Don't worry leather freaks, they also come in leather. So you have no excuse not to get them.

2. The  Brogue

Broguing is a pattern and when it comes to shoes that are Brogued, it basically means they have a Brogue pattern. They are different kinds of Brogued shoes. 

The Derby Brogue 

This is the Derby Brogue.  The Derby Brogue  breaks its pattern after the laces. As you can see on the picture above and the one below, the pattern doesn't continue below the laces. So in layman's terms the Derby Brogues are semi Brogued. 

The Oxford Brogue 

The Oxford Brogue is fully Brogued, the pattern still continues below the laces. So that's the difference between them. Make sure you don't confuse them because they are similar to each other. 
Brogues were specifically made for Spring, but I still wear my Oxford Brogue shoes in Winter. They're warm and comfortable so i can't resist them. In this game of fashion it's okay to break the rules if you will do it properly.  

They also come in Suede 

As a man you should at least have one pair of Black shoes. It's the right thing to do. 

3. The Sneaker

This is also something you think you don't need,but actually you do need it. I know they're some people that really don't like sneakers but this is one of those situations whereby you also need to grow up. It's very essential to have a pair. I mean you can't be seen in a club on a Friday wearing shoes!!! why would you do that when they're sneakers made specially for being comfortable,after you take off your favourite pair of shoes.

With sneakers you need to get the basics right. The first basic is, a White sneaker and the second basic is you need to have a Black sneaker. 

The White Sneaker

I know that  a lot of people are in love with Converse All Star and it's a quality sneaker but for some reason I just can't buy it. Every time I am willing to buy the shoe, I always buy something else. I guess it's a love hate thing. (Big sigh)

Adidas by Stan Smith is something you should consider. 

I believe I only screw with the best, and the Classic all White 574 By New Balance is what you would see me wearing. 

Classic 574 New Balance

The Black Sneaker 

The Classic all Black 574 with White soles by New Balance.

Diesel is known to be brave and it does take a bold and brave man to be seen in these killer shoes. Best believe that I only screw with the best. (Laughing Out Loud) 

Zara Homme, these are what I call the epitome of classy sneakers. 

The Colourful Sneaker 

I know that some of you are to cool to wear one coloured sneakers. So here are some of the sneakers that will make you buzz. 

Techmerino by Ermenegildo Zegna. This right here is for grown ups. 

P001 by Bottega Veneta. This is also for grown ups. 

The Best !!!!! 574 by New Balance 

Guys you need to understand that New Balance is taking over and if you haven't jumped on then you need to.

4. The Boat shoe

This is probably the most comfortable shoe after sneakers.  The comfortablity makes me want to get more. Another thing that excites me about boat shoes, are the manufactures that produce these shoes.  Companies with good reputations when it comes to craftsmanship. The likes of Sebago, Timberland, Sperry and Lacoste are the masters of boat shoes.

 Sebago Docksides

This shoe is one versitile shoe. You can either wear them with socks or you wear them with secret socks to pull of the sock less look. I personally prefer to wear them with secret socks.

Sperry Top Sider


Lacoste Bateau

These shoes were specifically made for Spring and Summer. You can wear them in Autumn,depending on how you wear them. Personally I feel that boat shoes in Spring/Summer are a must have.

5. The Derby 

Last but not least is the Derby. This style is characterised by quarters with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. This construction method, also known as open lacing. So in layman's terms Derby means laced shoes.

This is a must have because as a man you need to have shoes with laces. It's just the right thing to have.
We have touched a bit on the Derby when we were differentiating the Derby Brogue and the Oxford Brogue.

One thing I really love about Derby shoes is the fact that you can lace them according to how you want them, tight or loose. I love mine tight because it's a solid shoe and it takes the shape of my feet. I also love the fact that I can wear them the way I want, sock less or with socks.

 For men who do wear platform shoes.

The sock less look.

Ultimate sophistication

These are the 5 shoes you should have before 25. Invest in shoes that you will show to your grandchildren, quality goes a long way. The choices that we make in our early 20's are the choices we will live up to in our early 40's. So we need to make the right choices from style, investments and relationships with our families and friends.

Here are some shops where you could find these shoes. 

Preview Designer Collection
Sandton City shop number U40
Tel: 011 884 0401/2

East Gate Shopping centre shop number L76 A
Tel: 011 615 7171

Mon to Sat : 9am - 8pm
Sun : 9am - 6pm

New Balance Concept Store
Menlyn Shopping centre Shop Number 2.02
Tel: 012 348 1981

Sandton City Shop number U3
Tel: 011 783 0882

Woodmead Value Mart shop number G07
Tel: 011 804 5857

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Styling for the modern ekasi man

Giving props to a person who's stylish is the right thing to do , but have we thought perhaps that person has been styled by someone else?  I once bumbed into these guys( I can’t remember their names) and they appreciated how I constantly looked. To me that was very quite a beautiful moment. I mean I have received a lot of compliments from a lot of people and I usually say thank you, but with these guys it was different, they actually stopped me and they wanted to know why do I look so Dapper everyday. They asked me questions I couldn’t answer, questions like are you gay ? are you a designer ? do you work at a clothing store ? do you go overseas for shopping? And this list goes on. My answer was NO!! to all the above questions.  I was really shocked at the fact that being stylish comes with all these labels, but at the same time I saw this as an opportunity to educate my fellow brothers about being stylish without being labelled. So we sat down and had a deep chat as men.

The first thing that I told them was. There’s nothing wrong with being a metrosexual and there’s nothing wrong with being stylish, it doesn’t make you gay in any way. It makes you a man who knows how to dress well for his body. It makes you a man who is confident about himself.

As our converstaion got more interesting, one of the guys asked me if I pick all my outfit myself and my answer was "most of the time".  I told him I have a stylist. He then asked what is a stylist? I answered and said “it’s someone who picks your outfits”. He then told me that his girlfriend picks his clothes for him and I replied by saying “ your girlfriend is your stylist”.

So my point is. There’s nothing wrong with getting a stylist, It will just make things easier for you. It helps you worry less about what to wear. We all can’t be stylish but we all can make an effort  to look good. By consulting someone who is good with mixing clothes,colours and different looks.

Style is a visualistic thing, it comes with visualising your next outfit. At times you would see someone wearing a nice garment and you get an idea of how you could rock it differently. That happens to me a lot, to be honest some of my looks are just a remix of what I saw from other people. One thing that I always do, and please don’t forget this! Always add your own sense of style to your outfits. Ones key to maintain a good sense of style is to know what kind of look you are into and then master it. I am Dapper and nothings else. Stick to what  you know and you will be okay. 

My personal stylist happens to be an old friend and business partner,Sprucemaskson. That’s why I don’t mind having him as my stylist because he knows what I like and what I don’t like. When I am with him,he always wants to Spruce me up.  So don’t be afraid to let someone who really knows you advice you on what suits you and what doesn’t.  Its common courtesy to care about our friends and loved ones. Unfrotunately some of you may not be lucky as I am. So you need to consult a stylist for your upgrade.

Not only will a stylist help you be stylish, He/she will also help you get the fundamentals right. The good sense of style will eventually rub of on you. This is just to help you identify your style and most importantly what suits you.

Here are some of my outfits that were recommended by my stylist,Sprucemaskson. 

With this outfit he specifically wanted the detail to matter more than anything. Hence the bright green socks and pocket square.

The outfit is also styled similar to the first image. The polka dot tie and the polka dot socks. 

We were of to a fashion show when Spruce decided to hook me up with this outfit. His aim was to make me look Dapper in a more less formal way. I have to say that this outfit turned heads. 

Sometimes less is more. 

I hope you now have an idea of why it is so important to have a stylist. They see what you don't see, that's why it's so important to have a stylist. Think of it as your second pair of eyes. They help you to make dressing fun. 

Here is some of the styling that Sprucemasekoson has done for well know brands. 

Sprucemaskoson for Dolce & Gabbana 

Sprucemasekoson for  New Balance 

Sprucemasekson for Dr. Martin & Replay

Sprucemasekson for Woolworth

Sprucemasekson for Wrangler Jeans

Sometimes I feel like I have the best stylist in the world. This is his amazing work.

Probably you are asking yourself how can I get hold of this guy? Just because I am a nice guy I will give you his details. Don't be scared to bother him, he is such a beautiful soul. Trust me you won't regret it.

Sprucemasekson's details 

Facebook : Siyabonga Njabulo Maseko

Instagram : @Sprucemasekson

Call/whatsapp : 0728630772

Images By Dapper Photography