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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Summer Cologne edition

 For the modern kasi men, the term grooming is not unfamilar any more. Men have upped their game when it comes to being clean. We have shifted from the stereotype of men smelling like men, I mean how does a man smell like?

I have always failed to answer that question because of my believes when it came to scents. I personally believe that you adapt to the scent that you are surrounded by, a practical example that I can use is the one of a long time friend  called Ntsikelelo. He had this pleasant smell that made me love being around him. He wasn’t using any anti-prespirant or cologne, we were just kids at that time. I finally went to his house and discovered that his house smelled like him and his whole family had that particular smell too. The funny thing about this is that I actually told him that  he smelled good and he was shocked. That’s when I realized that people adapt to the smell that they’re surrounded by.

There’s a saying that says ‘’a great smell is a smell that you can’t smell ,but other people can smell ’’.  This is exactly what happened to Ntsikelelo, he had a great smell and he just never knew it.

On this particular article,  we’ll be looking at the 5 things that a great smell can do for you.  And Colognes that we at Dapper Gamers Style journal think could make you well known for your scent. But firstly lets start by  giving you some cologne ettiqutte.

A cologne is a signature that you possess as a man. The best way to pick a cologne,is to pick one based on your character. It’ s very important to choose a cologne that responds well to your body. This is very important because some bodies react to certain chemicals that are found in colognes. When applying a cologne you need to make sure you don’t over  apply it. Once you start smelling it deep in your nostrils then you know you’ve applied it to much. Colognes are suppose to make people around you want to be around you,because of your pleasant smell, not to push them away because you have applied it too much and it’s suddenly a turn off to the next person.    

5 Things that a good smell can do for you

·      Get you closer to that office,class crush.
·      Win you a way to the top, provided if you work hard.
·      Have a good relationship with one of your biggest clients or professor.
·      It will also make you popular at work and school(as the guy who smells good)
·      Earn you respect from other male colleagues or classmates.

I am quite sure you are asking yourself which cologne should I buy to get these 5 benefits (giggling).  We have selected 10 colognes that you need to get this summer. These colognes are the epitome of summer because of their ability to react when you sweat. This means that the more you sweat, the more you smell good. I guess its time for us to enjoy sweating this summer.

10.  Aramis life 

“The office Alpha male who is nice but straight forward”. The smell is dominant yet liberating at the same time.  With a touch of citrus that gives off a cool scent. You are most likely to meet him at a Ted Talk event.Top notes are lime and bergamot; middle notes are mint, violet leaf, cucumber and cardamom; base notes are leather, sandalwood, olive tree and cedar.

9. L’eau Bleue D’issey Pour homme By Issey Miyake

“The office douche bag who is good at what he does, that’s why his a douche.” Issey Miyake has been producing scents that are forever relevant. The brand knows that their colognes are not for everyone hence they positioned themselves as the cologne you never knew about and if you know about them, then you have used it or you are using it.You are most likely to meet him at an up town coffee shop,reading the business section.The Top notes are lime and bergamot; middle notes are mint, violet leaf, cucumber and cardamom; base notes are leather, sandalwood, olive tree and cedar. Warning this is not for any Tom, Dic and Harry. This is for the guy who lets his work speak for him.

8. Sauvage By Christian Dior 
“ The office rock star, the jack of all trades’’ we all know that one person who never follows procedure but always delivers. The guy that has a lot going on, in his life. The one who has wild thoughts and always comes up with unconventional ways of getting things done.  If you are that guy, make sure you do get this cologne. You’ll experience rich notes of raisin, orange peel, dates, rose, saffron. And if you are a huge fan of Jonny Deep than you will understand the positioning of the cologne.

7. Uomo By Ermenegildo Zegna 

‘’ The Office favorite “ To the one that gets along with every soul in the office. Good listener, joker, motivator, dreamer and a people’s person, then this one is for you. Uomo consists of citruses and bergamot from Zegna's visit to Calabria, Italia. Citrusy notes are accompanied by accords of Violettyne Captive –violet leaf essence. Woody notes of cedar and vetiver contribute to strength and elegance of the fragrance.

6. Bleu de Chanel by Coco Chanel 

‘’ The office innovator’’ this is a modern guy who comes up with more than enough ideas. His ideas are out of the ordinary; sometimes you ask yourself, why didn’t I come with that Idea? This cologne is a signature of determination and desire. The fragrance features labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper

5.  Eau de L.12.12 blue By Lacoste

“The office metrosexual” clean is one of his qualities, a type of guy that would go for a manicure and pedicure. After a session at the spa, he cleans his rackets and plays a game of tennis with friends and colleagues. Has the same look almost everyday (golfer and throw back jersey) powerful but doesn’t have to use power because everyone knows who he is. L.12.12. Blue is an intense and masculine aromatic scent of fern, which opens with peppermint extract and grapefruit, complemented with aromatic sage, orange blossom, and patchouli and oak moss

4. Wildblue By Banana Republic 

“ The Office New Age Hippy” this is a guy with a bald head and a big beard who’s into fashion, music and gadgets.  You are most likey to see him at flee markets with his hippy friends looking hip. Or you would see him cycling with a helmat on and a cool pair of shades but properly dressed.  Always Spruced up and knows which places to go to, when you want to have fun. Top notes are sage and tea; middle notes are woodsy notes and cedar; base notes are vetiver and musk.

3.  Light Blue Swimming in Lipari By Dolce and Gabbana 

‘’The office Charmer’’ This is the guy who gets away with anything because of his good looks, charm and intellect. Always prepared but even when not prepared you couldn’t tell the difference. His the type of guy who you would meet at a fashion show(front row) sitting next to a supermodel who is into him. You are mostly likey to meet him at the habour in his boat topless with beautiful models having cocktails.  DOLCE&GABBANA Light Blue Swimming in Lipari is characterised by the Sea Salt accord, and enhanced by the juicy aroma of Grapefruit. The invigorating and masculine heart is achieved by combining Mandarin and cool aromatic Rosemary. At the dry down of the fragrance is the strongest and most masculine part, with the complex notes of Ambergris, Dry Woods and Musky notes.

2. Polo Blue By Ralph Lauren 

“The Office classy traveller”  This is the guy you are always with on that conference call, the air port is his second home(the wifi automatically connects its self).You also don’t know his schedule, Its like he doesn’t have an office. Elegant,confident in his work. He doesn’t play tennis but his a huge fan. You are most likely to see him on a golf course over the weekend. He drives a collectors item and never forgets the panama hat & aviators when he drops the hard top. And he always has a duffle bag in his trunk. Top notes are melon, mandarin orange and cucumber; middle notes are basil, sage and geranium; base notes are musk, woodsy notes and suede.

1.  Pour Homme Blue Label By Givenchy 

“The Office future CEO” his the type of guy who's time conscience. When he says 5 minutes, he means 5 minutes. You have to book him to have a chat with him. Over dedicated to whatever he does, excellence is his middle name. Young but highly ambitious when it comes to things that involve him. Always wants to improve his skills and learning more. Always Dapper.He understands everyone in the office because he knows a bit to much. You are most likely to see him in his Fast sports car or bike,heading to a rooftop party where he will be drinking a martiny or a double scotch whiskey and smoking a cuban cigar. The combination of woodsy notes has got a new intensity and accord due to fresh cocktail of grapefruit and bergamot and presence of hedione.