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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


A word that is very common in townships but less people understand what it means. Skapadiya is a name given to a Kasi natty dresser. Derive from the term Gabadiya meaning well of individual.

Early in the morning as the sunrises on the dusty streets of Soweto. Many wake up with a hope to have a productive day and some make it a mission to have a productive day. To many Skapadiya's, waking up is one of the most exciting things about mornings.If you could ask me ? I would say  it gives me the ability to dress up like I going to meet my worst enemy.

To some people clothes are just clothes, but to some people clothes are pieces that are turned into masterpieces. I strongly believe in the Input vs Output Principle. What you give in, is what you get out. I have a lot of shoes and clothes. Some people just don't believe the amount of clothes and shoes I have. I simply take care of my clothes and shoes very well.  So in return they take good care of me too.

The name Skapadiya has evolved from generation to generation. Back in the 80's a Skapadiya was spotted by the type of clothes he would wear, The typical Skapadiya of the 80's had an Atienne Aigner Shirt, Brentwood trousers and a Crockett & Jones shoes.

80's Skapadiya

Today being a Skapadiya is a lot difficult then before, only a certain type of people can qualify to be called a Skapadiya. Only a few could keep up with the pressures of being a Skapadiya. Being a Skapadiya is not only about the labels and the clique. It's about the chic,boldness and most importantly the style.

I would personally say that being a Skapadiya in the 21st has to be about the ability to influence others with you dandiness. We live in a world where everything we need is on the tip of our fingers.

Today's Skapadiya has the power to influence the world through fashion and ideas. Most importantly he knows that you are addressed on how you are dressed and act. It is very important that one understands that your clothes and aura gets you the attention,but your brains keeps you the attention. In a nutshell a Skapadiya is not only a natty dresser but also a visionary and  revolutionist  of changing the narrative  through style and passion.

Photographer : Lutendo Malatji

Creative Director : Siphamandla Prince Dlamini